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MelRo's Memoir

A Beautiful Freedom
My Journey to Liberation from a Painful Past
Coming in Fall 2016 

Finding first hand that makeup and digital touch ups can hide physical blemishes, this model discovered she couldn’t Photoshop her pain away. Before the age of 30, MelissaRoshan faced child abuse, abandonment, foster care, divorce, neglect and eating disorders. However, fed up with being a prisoner to her past, she forged ahead against all odds on a journey that challenged, strengthened and ultimately healed her.

A riveting, raw and beautiful memoir of heartbreak to hope, A Beautiful Freedom is a living example that your past does not have to define you. Locked inside are the keys for anyone who has been a victim of tragedy to sift through pain and ashes to find triumphant success in life. Infused with her unique luminosity of spirit, MelissaRoshan’s remarkable story of misfortune, courage, and persistence is destined to change lives and inspire generations to come. 

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