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Mentorship with MelRo


A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of you to show you, "how they did it."  A mentor walks alongside you to show you what you can do.  Mentoring can be defined as a significant, long term, beneficial effect on a person's one-to-one contact.  A mentor is one who offers knowledge, insight, perspective, and wisdom  that is especially useful to the other person. 

It is MelRo's belief that no one is, "self-made". Powerful people usually are surrounded by a powerful tribe of people who unselfishly sow nuggets of wisdom, and provide positive guidance.  Whether it is a one time session, or ongoing, mentorship has proven long lasting healing effects on others lives.  Her favorite quote as it pertains to mentorship hails from Benjamin Franklin: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me, and I learn".   MelRo uses this as an intention, and has successfully mentored over 200 youth/adults.

Are you in need of a mentor for your student/child/ or self?


MelRo is available to help you make better decisions and avoid unnecessary defeats.  She can help you identify (and make sense of) what you already know, and give you the leverage to take action on the most important pieces.

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MelRo's Principles of Mentoring:



  • Mentoring should be enriching for both mentor, and mentee

  • Mentoring is about learning, and not teaching

  • Mentee is empowered to take responsibility of his/her actions

  • Mentoring is a power-free partnership between the mentor, and mentee

  • Focus is not to make mentee dependent but to develop mentee's independent critical thinking

  • MelRo's relationship with each mentee is built on trust, mutual respect, and well established boundaries

  • MelRo is interested in each of her mentee's successes, not just in school, but in life.   Her calm, healing approach encourages each mentee to eventually  find their own answers rather than, "telling them what to do".

MelRo mentoring students at a high School

In 2016, MelRo was selected to be a spokesperson for Children's Rights #FosterTruth campaign for National Foster Care Month in May. There became an influx of youth who began reaching out for guidance.  This jumpstarted her mentorship programming for schools, leadership academies, women's prisons, group homes, and one-on-one sessions.


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Testimonial(s) from Student's at a Youth Leadership Academy for youth that have Aged-Out of Foster Care
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